Kathy Taylor Demands Refunds to Citizens for Failed Green Waste Program

September 18, 2013 — Mayoral candidate Kathy Taylor today demanded Tulsans be refunded every dime of fees paid toward the failed green waste program.

It was announced yesterday that the city is refunding QuikTrip Corporation the money it spent on green-waste stickers. In turn, QuikTrip is refunding that money to citizens, under its policy to refund any returned item – no receipt necessary.

“QuikTrip has demonstrated what customer service is and it’s time City Hall learned a lesson from them,” Taylor said. “Tulsans won’t be deceived, conned and overcharged for any city service. If Mayor Bartlett refuses to refund Tulsans money that is owed to them, then if elected Mayor, I will.”

At issue is a monthly fee that was tacked onto utility service bills for almost a year when City Hall knew the green waste program was a failure and discontinued it. Yet the city still charged the fee.

Former TARE Board Member Beverly Anderson also takes issue with how the green waste program has been handled.

“How can Tulsa’s leadership charge for a green waste program when such a program doesn’t exist?” Anderson said. “That is considered fraud.”

The ongoing controversy surrounding the green waste program is an example of the lack of accountability in city government that Taylor will change.

“Not only is it time for a refund but also for some real accountability. I’ve yet to hear anyone involved at the top say, ‘We’re sorry for misleading Tulsans and not providing a service we claimed to be providing’,” Taylor continued. “Tulsans deserve to know the truth and they deserve a mayor that is accountable to the citizens.”

“QuikTrip has set an example by doing what is right. It’s time for Mayor Bartlett to step up and be accountable.”


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