Dewey Bartlett – Do as I Say and Not as I Do

Dewey Bartlett has fired five city employees for doing essentially what he does – holding two jobs at once.

Two days ago, Channel Two’s Marla Carter reported that the City of Tulsa fired five employees for clocking in at their city jobs with the engineering services department, and then leaving to work other jobs. Without question, the alleged actions of the five workers, if true, are wrong. However, it is important to point out that the mayor and CEO of the City also has two jobs – continuing as President of Keener Oil & Gas while serving as mayor – which might have contributed to the fact that during his first year in office, he missed 92% of the meetings of the City boards and authorities on which the City Charter requires him to serve.

Let’s not forget that in defending his low meeting attendance, the mayor said in the Tulsa World, ”The frequency of the meetings and the amount of time that is involved, there physically isn’t enough time to attend all those meetings and still adequately do my job,” – which raises the question, “Which job?”

Leadership is about setting an example and this is yet another example of a failure of leadership from the mayor.

-Monroe Nichols, Political Director


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